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Founded in 2013, the core mission of Study Hub Asia is to empower high school students with skills and experience, preparing them to make the right higher education choice, so they can be impactful individuals to the society.

Study Hub Asia's Outreach

University Partners
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Driven by the passion of helping students decide, Study Hub Asia believes students are the future of our nation. When it comes to advising students on their pursuit to study further, we take this matter seriously to ensure students acquire the right information and insight, with zero bias-ness.






Our Programs

Study Hub Asia's proprietary programs for school students to explore and ignite their passion.


Project Management

Pioneering on student-related Projects, Study Hub Asia works together with renown partners who want to create a significant impact towards the student community. Our expertise encompasses student-centric content creation, school engagement and event management, helping our partners achieve their impact goals whilst ensuring that the students we reach gain knowledge and skills and fully benefit from the projects we run.

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